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Bharat Robotix Olympiad-India's Biggest Robotics Exam
Greatest and well crafted indepth robotic course for childern of all standards (4th-12th Grade)

"Robotics should be introduced to our kids"

Do you know why ?

With introduction to robotics we can create an environment where it is easy for our childern to thrive and develop a formidable skillset


Is Our New Tomorrow


The future needs innovators and thinkers who can create, not follow !

Robotics is changing our terms of interactions it's redefining the skills set for the future by shaping up young brains to adapt to new technology and sustain together

Robotics is more than just coding for Students, it's a treasure of the future.

Robotics will help your child to become

Bharath Robotics Olympiad Exam: ₹ 500/-

Entry to BRO Exam

50+ pages of patented robotic learning material

Participation Certificate

Prize money pool of 15 lakhs

A Robotic bootcamp online course designed for childern (4th-12th std.)

Complete course and curriculm designed by IIT, IIIT & BITS Pilani professors & Phd scholors

Entry to BRO exam & all the benefits from that olympiad

25+ robotic projects from the scratch

On demand high quality videos crafted well to the standards of all levels

Tinker CAD simulator

Premium call & mail support

50+ pages of patented robotic learning material

Special discounts on future events & robotic kits

Why should students be motivated to take BRO 2021?

Artificial Intelligence is the future. Agree? Robots are the purest form of AI. Somehow, the material out there is unable to throw positive light in understanding core concepts to build simple machines. Here’s where we come in. BRO 2021 is not just about the competition. Definitely not. We are a community where students can learn complex robotics concepts and execute them in the most dynamic way through the material that we supply. No jokes, we tailor-made this material exclusive to different age groups from class 4- class 12. The Olympiad is a stage to present what the individual has accumulated over the three rounds. Winners or not, by end of each round, we can guarantee the kid has already grasped most of the concepts. And the best part, you can witness student’s effortless journey in mastering a subject which is rather projected to be a herculean task.

Why learn Robotics in first place?

Robotics is gaining momentum in many schools worldwide, and here are few listed advantages that comes hand in hand while learning-

a) Creative thinking- Robotics boosts fun and creativity together. Students develop a sense of enthusiasm and confidence while executing projects that seem “woahh” to their peers.

b) Programming skills- How often do you see a teacher explain every logic, syntax and doubts the student ever had? What if (s)he can develop expertise to analyze these metrics all by himself? Robotics has scientifically proven to bring the best of analytical and creative skills; so, the individual’s left and right brain can complement each other well.

c) Perseverance- Building and Programming bots can be challenging at times, but once students strive to overcome times of frustration, it triggers to develop a never give up attitude in the longer run.

d) Teamwork- Robotics require a range of responsibilities distributed among individuals to successfully accomplish building a bot. It therefore promotes the idea of teamwork and thus lead to a dynamic environment in learning.

Robotics is more than just coding for Students, it's a treasure of the future. By participating in this exam not only the students will be getting introduced and enhanced with the knowledge about robotics, but it will also trigger curiosity and thus will result in learning a new skill set.


All the students from class 4 to class 12 are eligible for BRO2021.
It’s a paid exam with a one-time registration fee of ₹500.
There are 3 stages in this competition.
No, only a one-time registration fee of ₹500.
Yes, every student will get a participation certificate.
Winners of each stage will be announced shortly after conducting the exam.
First 2 stages of the exam are conducted online and the final stage is conducted offline in Hyderabad.
The 1st stage is an online exam which consists of 50 questions on topics like GK, Science, Maths and English for classes 4 to 9 and Gk, Computers, Maths and English for classes 10 to 12 and the duration is 1hr. The 2nd stage is also an online exam.
Yes, a 50 page patented material is provided online.
1st stage-November 2021, 2nd stage-December 2021, 3rd stage-January 2022.